6 Tips to Help Tidy Up Your Garage

Is your garage starting to look like an overcrowded storage room?

If so, then you might be thinking of ways you can elevate the look of your garage so it loses the appearance of a storage area. 

Improving your home’s garage offers many benefits, such as adding functionality, modernizing the space, improving your comfort level, and even boosting your property value! Add to that, your garage is one of the best spaces to update because the open space is perfect for a variety of options and ideas.

If you are ready to give your garage space a small makeover, then keep on reading this article. 


  1. Do a Deep Clean 

The first step for tidying up your garage is to deep clean the entire space. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of items you do not need or are no longer in use. Throw away that old lamp or broken bicycles that have no chance of functioning ever again. We know it's hard to get rid of sentimental items, but they are the reason your garage door is getting that look of an old storage room! If you are not sure how to deep clean your garage, this guide will take you through the process. 


  1. Organize EVERYTHING.

When we say everything, we mean every single item in the garage space. From your tool box to your cleaning products. Each product should be stored in its appropriate area. Take advantage of the vertical space by installing shelves, hanging wall organizers, or even small cabinets. Give each group of the same items their own drawer, so you will know exactly how to find them. This will really help turn your garage space into a much more neat and organized area. 


  1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is really a huge step in the makeover process. A fresh white (or any other color) paint will light up and sparkle the entire garage space and make it look like a brand new garage. Not to mention, it will erase any scratches or darkening that have been caused over the years. 


  1. Install New Lighting 

A warm and slightly brighter lighting could truly elevate the look and feel of your garage space. If you want your space to feel more welcoming and comfortable, try to add a warmer tone to your lighting. This will also make it much more enjoyable to stay in the garage for longer if needed. 


  1. Add a Few Upgrades

When we say upgrades we mean painting the floor, insulating and venting the space, adding electrical outlets, and more. If your garage space is big enough, you can even consider adding a workout area with some weightlifting machines. These small upgrades could truly add value to your home and make the space more functional. 


  1. Maintain the Space

Last but not least is to, of course, maintain your garage! All of these tips that we have offered you are useless if they are not properly maintained and cared for, because after a little while, your garage space will turn right back to its messy form. To be quite frank, your garage doesn't have to look modern or renovated to achieve a clean and tidied up look. As long as you maintain a clean and organized area, no matter the size and what is stored in it, then you have yourself a beautifully organized garage space. 



We have hoped that these tips have helped give you ideas to create a garage that you love! If you still can't seem to get your garage under control, we urge you to just relax! Afterall, it is just a garage space. It shouldn't stress you out too much, unless the mess is starting to get into your actual home. Though we still recommend that you follow at least a few of these tips to maintain a nice and tidy garage, because it will just make your life easier. Who wouldn't want that? 


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