Top 2021 Garage Door Trends

Many people fail to realize the true impact that a garage door has on the look of their home, until time comes to pick one out. Or, until they decide to start a renovation project and replace the current garage door they have. 


If it's time for you to install a new custom garage door, this is the perfect opportunity to take a good look at the exciting options you have, before making a final decision. Even better, you can even start by looking into the current trends so that your new garage door won't look outdated as soon as you have it installed.


Garage Door Trends That Make a Real Difference

Updating your garage door is an investment that will serve you for a long time, not only for the wonderful experience you will get from its advanced technology but also for the value it will bring when the time comes for you to sell your home. If you'd like to know more about the popular choices homeowners make now, consider some of these trends:


Go Modern

There's nothing like a modern update. Such appearance goes a long way, no matter where you live. There is something about a modern look that just makes you feel more at ease and comfortable, and who doesn't want that kind of feeling in their own home? If you're a real trendsetter and don't mind the possibility of changing the door again in a few years, you have great options. Such options include doors with no windows, minimalist designs, materials that weren't previously popular (like copper). Modern garage doors truly help uplift the appearance of your home's exterior.


Smart Home & Energy Efficiency

Have you heard about a Smart Home? There's a smart garage too! You can incorporate your garage door into your Smart Home and plan for a more energy-efficient household. Operate your door with an app instead of using an unreliable and VERY easy-to-lose remote. In addition, with the right windows, you can make your garage look brighter and save on your energy bills, as more lights can penetrate in. 


Curb Appeal

There's landscaping, hardscaping, and, now, curbscaping. Improving the amount and style of curb appeal to your home's exterior should also incorporate elements like your garage doors. Pick the right ones and it will all work together cohesively to create a flowing visual appeal to your beautiful home. There are plenty of colors and styles of curb plants, pick the ones that will go best with your garage door. 


The Bigger, the Better

When it comes to the visual aesthetics, bigger garage doors appear more dramatic and as a result, more glorious. However, it's also about making it welcoming and warm. Many utility vehicles and even crossovers are bigger or wider, and a larger garage door makes it easier to park. Or, if you own multiple cars, a bigger garage door will offer your much more space to park and protect your cars. 



We hope that these trends have helped give you an idea of possible garage door improvements to perform. If you need a reliable repair, just call the experienced experts at Door Quest and we will be more than happy to handle any garage door issue, no matter the severity or complexity. We hold experience and knowledge and we will be more than happy to catch you up with the trend ;)

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