Top 3 Benefits of an Automated Garage Door Opener

Convenience is something that's always preferred and valued. People want the newest phone, the car with the most features, and the oven that cooks quicklier. No one wants to deal with any inconveniences. 

With the need to expedite every aspect of our lives, the automatic garage door opener is truly a gift. Nobody wants to experience the inconvenience of manual garage door openers which require you to get out of the car, open the garage door, get back in the car, drive in or out of the garage, get out again, and close the door back. Not very many people...

That is why it makes much more sense to switch to an automatic garage door opener. It saves you time, effort and even money! (in the long run). Here are some of the benefits of making this move:


1. Security

An effective garage door opener will feature a rolling code. This code is strictly for you and your family to know as it will ensure that no one but you can access your garage. Some openers even feature a vacation mode - an extra security measure. This mode ensures that the garage door does not open for a preset time while you're away, assuring that no one can open your garage door during that time.

Some models even have a mode that automatically closes the garage door after you leave, a feature which greatly benefits a forgetful driver. With such technology, you will never find your valuables being compromised because you forgot to hit the "close" button! 


2. Lighting

Most garages are a storage space for unused items, filled with an assortment of heavy things and greasy puddles. Consequently, you must be pretty cautious as you navigate through it. One measure for ensuring cautiousness is to set up a well lit area so that you can see all the obstacles to avoid.

Most garage door opener systems are affixed with additional light for your garage. While this feature might not be the selling point for your garage door opener, it does prove to be a nice benefit. And in a room with so many things to slip on and bang your shin on, a little extra light is certainly welcome, especially when it's a bonus!


3. Low Energy Use

Nobody wants to pay high utility bills, including me. Most devices that run overnight can hike up your power bill at the end of the month, leading you to pay extra money that could have been avoided if only you had an energy-efficient device. 

Automated garage door openers are a great solution to save up on utility bills. They consume VERY little energy and are much more energy-efficient than older openers. By investing in an automated garage door opener, you are saving yourself from expensive utility bills in the future! Such an investment will only aid you in the long run.



A garage door opener is a wonderful convenience, but more than that, it's a safe, secure and inexpensive installation that will only improve your living. If you think an automated garage door opener is the right option for you and you are ready to replace your old door, then call the experts at Door Quest and we will be more than happy to offer you our garage door services. 

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