Top 7 Tips When Installing a Garage Door

Installing a garage door can be quite a tough project, especially for those who wish to do it themselves and are not skilled to accomplish it. The doors are heavy and handling the torsion springs can be dangerous. The difficulty in Garage door installation can vary greatly, which is why it is advised to go to a store that caters to do-it-yourselfers to pick out a door.

If you are an experienced home handy-person, then such a task shouldn't worry you so much. Although, you definitely still need to perform a thorough research before starting this complex project. For that, we have compiled some helpful tips that will help you out when going about a garage door installation. Read through them all and you are sure to increase your success in the project.


1. Clear Out the Garage

 Make sure you have a spacious, clear and safe working space in the garage and a clear entrance at the top of the driveway before you begin. Remove all cars and make sure that anything that is hanging on the walls of the garage is safe and secure. Clear out any obstacles along the way to avoid tripping over.


2. Remove Old Doors

 Old doors can pose a great risk, especially if it has a standard torsion spring. If so, you should not try to remove the old door by yourself. The spring can act as a weapon and may cause serious injuries to someone who does not know how to properly handle them. For this part, we advise hiring a skilled professional. A handyman who is experienced in removing old garage doors would be the most affordable option.


3. Inspect and Prepare the Garage Door Frame

 Once the old door is removed, you can then inspect your frame of any rotting. Once your frame is clean and clear of dirt/rotting, you are now ready to install the new door. In order to ensure maximum functionality, It is crucial that the new door is installed within a solid and square frame. Thus we advise that you take your time in this part. If you don't achieve the required result, the worst thing that could happen is that you may have to redo the garage door frame which shouldn't be a great issue.


4. Hardware and Fastening

 Your garage door is at the front line when it comes to the wel-being of you and your family. It secures your home, car, your important valuables and most importantly, your family. In order for your garage door to fulfill its job, it must withstand all trials and errors. This is why we advise to only buy hardware approved by the manufacturer that is brand new. Every fastener on your garage door should be tight. A fully assembled door can weigh over 400 pounds thus you definitely don't want it falling on your car or any person.


5. Level the First Section

 Before assembling the new door, It is extremely important that the first section you install is leveled properly in order to prevent crooked installation. To ensure straight sectioning, use a meter and a lot of patience!


6. Spring Adjustment

The spring is the heart of the door’s operation and security. For this part, be especially mindful when reading the instructions for adjusting the door springs. You can tell that the spring is properly adjusted if the door is perfectly balanced when halfway open. If this isn't the case, we advise that you go back and readjust the spring. 


7. Final Assembly and Inspection

 The final part is to check all the sub-assemblies against the diagrams in the book. Make sure that all parts fit snugly and that there are no extra parts sitting on the floor or driveway. The door should have a smooth and quiet glide. You are officially done!



We hope that these tips have successfully helped guide you in your garage door replacement project. If you found yourself getting stuck in one of those steps or not feeling confident enough to go about this complex job, then you are in the right place. At Door Quest, we install and repair garage doors of all kinds. If you need a reliable garage door repair or installation, just call the experienced experts at Door Quest and we will be more than happy to handle any garage door issue, no matter the severity or complexity. We hold experience and knowledge and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. Call us at (732) 341-1818 to receive a free quote today!

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